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CommuniTrees Inc.
Gives Back

Who We Are

CommuniTrees Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving Johnson and Sheridan Counties in Wyoming. Our mission is helping communities preserve, protect, and care for our trees. Our goal is to help everyone in our communities have access to quality tree care information and services. 

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What We Do

Meaningful Work

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Community Projects

Helping to provide direct tree care services for those in need in our communities


Providing education on trees and their care


Offering ways to get involved to help your neighbors


Relevant, Important Updates


CommuniTrees First Homeowner Pruning Project to be Completed December 9, 2022

CommuniTrees Inc., will complete our first pruning project, assisting a local Sheridan homeowner, on December 9, 2022. One of our main goals is to be able to assist low resource homeowners in caring for their trees. This will hopefully be the first project of many to do just that. The work will be completed by local arborists donating their time, skills, knowledge, and equipment. 

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of CommuniTrees Inc.

CommuniTrees Inc., was conceived by a group of local arborists and tree lovers who saw a need to help our communities care for our trees. Trees provide many benefits, including shade to cool our homes and towns, wind breaks, food sources, energy savings, carbon sequestration, and so much more. They are also living  creatures, that need care.


Tree care can be costly, and difficult for homeowners, local governments, schools, and others, when budgets are tight. Keeping our trees healthy and safe benefits everyone in our communities. So with the support from several volunteers, Wyoming State Forestry, Compass Center for Families, and the City of Sheridan, CommuniTrees was organized. 

We are just getting started, and hope to be able to find resources to supplement tree care budgets and educated our communities about trees and how to take care of them. This way we can keep our trees healthy and safe so we can all enjoy the many benefits they provide.


Contact Us

875 N Carrington Ave., Buffalo, Wyoming 82834


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